Being a Perfect Parent



Being a Parent is a full-time, 24/7,365 days, none stop job.It is hard and frustrating at time’s but it is very rewarding.Once you are blessed with this position you just can’t quit and leave it alone or give them back. I thank God that he trust me enough another life,a human being, my son is a blessing and each child that comes into my family will also be a blessing.My son is my first biological child, when I had him “I was like wow I just had a baby, I can’t belive this” it took me about a good week for it to sink in my head that I was a mom. I was happy with my little boy. Then I started to look around for how to be a perfect mom/parent manual and as we all know that doesn’t exist lol.So I was thinking to my self as I was feeding my new-born How can I be the perfect mom then and a little voice in my head say’s you won’t be a perfect mom because no one is perfect, but you will be a great mom.Now with that being said there no such thing as a perfect parent, we are going to make mistakes, we are not going to be 100% right, and we won’t know everything. Everthing will be in trail and error especial with your first child. I know I have been through it already and my son is 4 1/2. Here are some of the things that help up to now and I belive that will help me in the years to come.
Giving Love-I think giving your love is the best thing that you can give your children, as long the feel love know that they are love, and see that they are love they can accomplish a lot of thing
Patience-mom’s/parent’s we must have patience with ourselves we it come to raising our children each day will be a different learning experience no matter how many kids you have.We must not beat ourselves up over thing that we can not change, or mistakes that was made all we can do is learn from it.
Being Open minded as parent we have to understand that our children will go through life in different ways, the same way that child one go through life will be different from child two and so on.So we must be open-minded to the adventures that they go through even as babys.Hey we may learn something new.
Flexibility-is important, no matter how much we plan and organize and prepare something always happen that will take us off course.So we have to be flexible on what we do how will handle each situation, and go back to the drawing board make some adjustments and keep it moving .
Discipline-I belive discipline your child is another way of showing your child that you love and care about them.Let me be clear I’m not talking about beating your child or abuse.I’m talking about discipline with love and care. I do belive in spankings but I don’t belive that the only form of discipline.I do think talking to them in a firm voice, taking their toys or games, putting them in the corner and so on should be the first thing that you do.We have to be careful not to punish you child while you are made.
These are some of the things that I think will make me a better parent. What do you think? You can add your own pointe in the comment box.It will be interesting on what people think.


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  1. Sounds on track to me. I use to try to be “perfect” but I soon realized that is not going to happen, like you said. Being a mom is an every day adventure. Thanks for sharing. Nice to know there are more of us out there.

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