bible_seed_newgenesisres-wordpressWords are seeds that you plant in to your life, each time you say them either bad or good you work them in your life.Now some of them may stick and take root and other don’t.I truly belive that you must watch what you say especially when it is negative.You have to be mindful of what you say about your life, marriage,children,business,everything.You never know what you will speak into existence. I don’t understand why some parents or people talk to their kids so negatvity and call them everthing but the name that they was gaven to them like you are no good,stupid, whore,slut,thug,or saying something like you will never amount to anything, you are just like your father/mother, uncle and so on in a negative way. Words hurt and when children grow up hearing those type of word they will start believe it.That goes for us too, yes the adult’s,we keep calling ourselves stupid,fat,dumb,failures,I’m not smart and son if we keep telling ourselv that we will start to belive.We have to speak good things into our lives and our family lives we have to speak blessing,favor,prospertiy into your self and your family.What comes out our mouth is very powerful and we have to use it with caution.I was watching Joyce Meyers a few weeks ago she was talking about this same subject she said “There’s a lot of benefits in sayings the right thing”,since it goes with what I’m saying I’m going to share with you some of the things she said with Bible verses.she talked about 6 things you should do with your mouth.
1.Stay busy blessing everything you can possibly bless.
which means to me every chance you get bless everything in your life speak blessings over yourself your spouse children family love ones friends business school jobs etc despite of your situation.Number 6:22-27,James 3:10
2.Be thankful,say that you are thankful open your mouth and say so.Thank God
In everthing you do give thanks to God, no matter your situation.Psalm 100:4,1Thessalonians 5:18-19
Become an encourager.Encourage someone everyday,start with yourself, then your spouse,children,family,friends,stranger.You never know the word of encouragment can be the thing that some one need to change thing around. Psalm 112:3,Colossains 1:3
4.Tell the truth.The Bible is the book of truth.God is the word of truth.
You must tell the truth with love and compassion, and not with hate and dislike in your heart.Ephsians 4:15, Proverbs 6:16-19
5.Speak the word of God.Just keep hitting your problem with hammer of God words.
You have to pray about your situation, and speak into your situation and let it know who is the boss and that God has everything in his hands.Jeremiah 23:28-29,Ezekiel 37:1-14
6.Don’t talk to much. Proverbs 10:19,Proverbs 17:27-28

You have to listen to yourself,be accountable for yourself and what you say.What comes out of your mouth show who you are.So my reader keep paoitive words coming out of your mouth and see how much better thing will become.
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Words are Seeds


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