Feb is Down 4 months to go


th Firts I want to thank everyone that has joined me in The “Healthier Me by The Summer” Challenge.Let me tell you every response I received, every update I see is has been motivation and encouragement for me to keep going.When I see and hear people say I lost this much weight,I feel better about my self,I can do this much more sit up,push up,pull-ups,or I can walk/run for an extra 3-5min pushes me to do better,eat better,work out harder. That is what this challenge is about,is to encourage,motivate,push each other to become better/healthier version of ourselves.
I’m made my goal for the month of Feb I wanted to lose 5-7lbs and I did it I lost 7lbs whoo, whoo,I’m happy that I made my goal.I feel a lot better, happier,healthier. I have a little pep to my step lol.And one of the best part for me is that I went from drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day down to 1-2(and 2 being the most)a day.With all the energy that I’m gaining I don’t need that much coffee in my life anymore lol.My husband can see the difference, he was like “babe you losing weight” I was blushing and happy that he notice.So I’m happy how far I cam in the last few weeks.Now we are starting month 2 of the challenge,so please come on board and bring your spouse,family member,friends,co-worker, the more the better.Remember to use #healthiermebythesummer and #getright2014 when giving updates,share transformation pictures,sharing recipes,sharing story of your journey,giving encouragement,motivation, and so on.Let be better than we was last week, let’s do this together.
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  1. Hi Sabrina, found you on That’s Fresh Friday. I too have been working hard to loose weight this year. It is a lifestyle change for me, no diets. Fresh food and lots of exercise. I’m down a total of 30 since the end of December.
    Congrats on meeting your Feb. goal. Blessings!!

    • Thank you for stoping by and reading my post. Wow loosing 30lbs is a great accomplishment,congratulation whoo whoo.Yes it is true that this is life a lifestyle change and not a diet, that the way I’m looking at this whole journey.

  2. I too have been on somewhat of a health kick since the first of the year. I have started exercising 5 days a week by dancing with weights in my basement (think Jane Fonda of the 80’s LOL) – so far I have lost only 6 pounds, but I am definitely feeling better and plan to continue on in the hopes that the weight will eventually fall off. I have signed up to follow along – congrats on your weight loss this month – 7lbs is a great start! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you @Cheryl for stopping by.Congrats on your weight lost whoo-whoo, remember little change will soon a big change and keep dancing with weights, lol( that acutally sound like a good idea).As long as you feel good about yourself is one of the most important thing.So keep going and I hope to get a follow up on your progress.

  3. woot! Congrats girl on the 7 lbs lost!! Now remember to not go looking for it! I did not make my goal, only loosing 3 but I was sick and slacked off a bit. Will get on target for next month! Keep it up, you can do it!! woohooo!!!

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