36 Weeks Pregnant



I am now 36 weeks pregnant, so I have 4 weeks to go whoo before I have my bundle of joy. For the past couple of week I found myself being emotional, I’m getting irritated really quick, my patience is real short, and crying for what I don’t know lol. My husband told me I can’t wait till you have the baby because you was a lot nicer( I had to give him the side eye, like I know you didn’t say that to me)but anyway my emotion are all over the place. I have tried to keep my feeling in check but its a little hard for me, so that one thing I’m working on this week.I have notice in past month my stomach is a little more sensitive than before,I can talk about something like spoiled milk or something a little nasty and I will gag or I can see something that can be spoiled or smell something bad I will gag I even gag at the smell of smoke, where before I can stomach all of those thing with no problem I was like whats wrong with me, I just chalked it up to being pregnant.So I hope that goes away soon after I give birth.My supervisor keep asking me when am I going on maternity leave and I keep telling her when I go in to labor because I don’t want take away from my 6 week maternity leave I rather have my full 6 weeks with my baby then take a week off before and have only 5 weeks with her.So that really has me think about returning to work 6 weeks after having my baby,I don’t know if I want to leave my baby after that short period of time I know a lot of mother have to do but I don’t want to be one of them, I don’t think that enough time to bound with the little one.So I’ve been looking at working from home or having my own home business. The home business part I have already started but that takes time to build a successful business that generate the type of money that is needed.So I am really considering working from home till my home business pick,I started some research and preparing to by the equipment that I need to get started.We will see how everything will work out.

Question? How soon after you had your baby did you go back to work. And how did you feel about it?

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  1. Congratulations on the precious bundle of joy! I really enjoyed being a stay at home mom so I didn’t go back to work for many years!

  2. I was in the very same boat as you just 3 months ago. After I had my little guy in July, I went back to work two months later. Only because I’m a WAHM so being able to care for him, breastfeed, and work at home is great!

  3. On my first I went back to work after being on maternity leave for 6 months. I was overdue so my son went to creche when he we 5 months old.
    I didn’t mind to be honest. He loves creche.

  4. I can totally relate to your post! My little one is just 2 months old, so the pregnancy memories are not that far away. I had a little bit of an emotional crisis when I was pregnant and I decided I had to be at home with my baby and I couldn’t go back to work. I intend to write a blog post about it, but basically we stripped our lives down to the bare necessities and made lots of sacrifices so I could stay home. But in my family’s eyes, it is all worth it. Good luck, congrats, and feel free to contact me with questions or to chat!

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