38 Weeks-Hitting the Home Stretch



I am now 38 weeks pregnant and getting anxious and excited by the day,I can’t wait to meet the little princess that I have only seen through ultra sound and that been very active in my stomach doing flips kicks and everything else.One thing I don’t look forward to is my stress test I have been going for that test 2 time a week every week since I was 32 weeks, and I’m not high risk( shoulder shrug).From what the ladies in the office said it is something that they do for everybody that go to that particular office for prenatal care, oh well I guess better safe than sorry.My son is also very excited about meeting his little sister he would read to her, talk to her and kiss my stomach.I even ask him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said a big brother( I put on my awww face with a smile.). What I’m doing for him is getting a #1 Big Brother t-shirt and I will give a little present to open up in the hospital.I have been having cramping feeling in my stomach and back area they are not very strong it is manageable,I get it at least once a day.So I think she will be here in less than a week to make her appearance to the world.So my little princess will be here soon I CAN’T WAIT.

This is my son #1 Big Brother t-shirt he can’t wait to put it on

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