Baby Girl is Here



Well,I finally had my princess 3 weeks ago she is a joy. I didn’t know how I can love another child as much as I love my 1st child but she proved me wrong, I love my children so much I thank God for trusting me with 2 beautiful kids. As everyone know each pregnancy is different especially when your kids are the opposite sex.As I mention before my first pregnancy was great I had a boy, there was no sickness, I had energy, I couldn’t tell I was pregnant till my baby moved.But this 2nd pregnancy I was having a girl, I was sick,nausea, no energy, everything that I didn’t experience in my first pregnancy I experienced in my 2nd one. Having a girl is a joy but it is nerve-wracking and different, now I’m thinking about her 1st date,who is going to comb her hair, how much pink is too much, her first menstrual cycle, and so on, my mind is jumping all over the place my mind is going from now to 5 days from now to 10 years from now to years from now. The one thing I wish someone would have told me about having a girl is when they are born that they may have little bloody discharge in their private area, and that they will develop breast with fluid coming out of it.When I saw these thing happing to her as you can imagine I was scared and confuse, I was like whats going on, I took my daughter to the Er twice because of these things. What I found out that it was caused from having my hermons in her and on top of that I’m breastfeeding, so the Dr assured me that it was normal and it will go away in a few weeks(Ok now I can breathe a little better). So having a girl will bring brand new experiences for me and that is something I’m looking forward to.


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