Dream Big-Vision Board 2015



I’m starting a vision board project for 2015.I got this idea from a great young lady that did this a few years ago I wanted to do it but didn’t get a chance to do it at that time. I seen some of the response and feed back that she received about the board was great and positive, so that inspired me to take look at myself,my life, and things I want to accomplish. I decided I was going to do for 2015, this will help me stay focus on my goals and I will have to hold my self accountable for the things I put on the board. I’m starting this project which I think will be fun to do, and I would like to extend an invitation for you to join me on this vision board project.

1.Here are the key area that should be displayed on the board

Keep in mind this is your vision and your goals that you want to accomplish through out the year, so you can add what ever topics to your board.

Glue/glue sticks
Lots of magazine
Sharpie markers
Any size soy color poster board
What ever else You want to use

3 . Mission statement-What is your mission for the year. Put it on the top,center,or bottom of your board and have a quote,scripture, statement that best describes what your focus for this year.

4.Pray-If you do or do not know what to put on your board pray to God first to help you reveal in your heart the desires and purpose he wants for you.

5. The last thing is take pictures-Take pictures of your vision board, if you are having a vision board party take picture. Send me your pictures to themompreneur2013@gmail.com and I will post them on my blog, and Facebook page.
Let everyone know about this great project on your instagram, twitter, Facebook,and so on.The more people that join in on this project the better. Use #visionboard2015 #dreambig #dream #dreambigvisionboard2015





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Remember to use #visionboard2015 #dreambig #dream #dreambigvisionboard2015

Remember sharing is caring.


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