Starting my health journey



I’m starting my weight lost journey today. I’ve been over weight all my life will ever since I can remember, I just figured this is who I am and this the way it is going to be. I tried all kinds of diets,workout plan,weight watchers, quick fix, and none of it work for me. For the most part is that I really didn’t stick with it, that was my main issue not sticking with the plan. For some reason I wouldn’t stick to any plan or diet that I started until I came to a conclusion I was afraid of change, I was afraid how would I look when I loose this weight, how would I feel, what would people say, with all these thought going through my head I realize that I was self sabotaging myself. I was tricking myself into believing that being overweight was ok, that I’m already married with children and they love me for me so I don’t need to lose weight. I was comfortable at my current weight,I’m not happy about but I was comfortable. All that change about a 2-3 month ago I needed a change not just physically but mentally and spiritually, I started praying more and asking God for a change in me. And that’s what He is doing now.I want to feel better about my self, I want to be able to play with my children,I want to be healthy. So I’m doing this 90 day challenge to get healthy and get fit.I’m going to track my journey on my blog,hopefully this will help and inspire some one to start their own weight loss and get healthy journey.


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