My Goals for this 90 days weight loss chalenge



Hello everyone I forgot to let you know my goals for this 90 days challenge. I started this challenge because I wanted to get healthy,lose weight, and feel better about myself.I have always been over weight as long as I can remember, I have always been the big friend in the group, or I have been told you have a pretty face but if you loose a little wait you will be fine,and so on. I’ve tried all kinds of diet, done all types of stuff to try to lose weight. Some work and some didn’t. At one point I was going to the gym almost everyday (which made me feel good, and is addictive lol) and I went from size 22 to an 18. I manage to stay at that size for years until 5 years ago.So now I’m an mother, a wife, I work full time and right now I’m working 6 days a week. As of now I weigh 278 pounds ( yeah so you know I’m tired all the time and out of shape lol). I feel bad for my children because I don’t have a lot of energy to play with them for a long period of time.So I set my mind to become an healthier me, reach means a better mom.wife,sister,daughter,
friend.My goal is to lose a total of 30 pounds, get tone, and build up my metabolism. I want to be able climb a flight of stairs with out being out of breath, I want the energy to play with my children for more than 5-10 min at a time, I want to be able to feel good about myself as I try on smaller size clothes. This challenge will be a new start for me and I would be able to develop a healthy habit not just for me but for my family.So I believe with eating better, exercising more,and using my supplements I will be will on my way to accomplishing my goals.

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