Week 3



Hello everyone  let me tell you that this week has a little bit challenging for me it just seem like when I try to go workout something else took priority that need to be done and I get side tracked,and this week we was barley home so you know what that means picking up dinner at a fast food restaurant ( even doe I choose salad almost every time) it wasn’t the same as a home cook meal. And this weekend we celebrated my daughters 1st birthday with a bbq cake, drinks, bake mac and cheese, hot dogs, and more it was good but boy did I do a number on the food this weekend I thought I was going to pay for it on the scale, but to my surprise I only gain 1 pound and 6 ounces (not bad right ). So thins week I got to get back on track. So I didn’t meet my work out goals or my weight loss goal.So new week new goals, this week

Work out: walk/run 5 times this week,full body work out this week, try new workout everyday.

Weight loss: lose 6 pounds


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