Week 7/ getting back in the groove




Hello everyone how are you doing. Man these past two weeks I fell off my fitness journey, I don’t know what happen one day I didn’t walk then the next day I didn’t workout then the next day I didn’t walk or workout and next thing I know  2 weeks went by without me doing any type of exercise and not eating healthy, I know I know gasp shame on me. So know I’m getting my groove back I went grocery shopping to restock on some healthy option and instead of driving my son to school we walk, and I’m figuring out the best time from me to get my full body work out in. Through out this past  two week I only gained 3 pounds, which it could of been a lot more. So I’m putting my focus glasses on and getting back on track. My weight at this point is 281 pounds, I still have my goal and deadline in mind. So my goal for this week is to get back in the groove, get 2 full body workout in and walk 3 times. So remember its not how many times you fall it how many times you get up.


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