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My name is Sabrina, I'm a child of God, full-time wife and mother,part-time student, and inspiring Pharmacist and Mompreneurs /Entrepreneur.

Week 10




This is the first Monday on the New Year. I hope your New Year was wonderful. With a new year,new month,new week,new day comes new goals. Last week I didn’t accomplish my goals and I lost 1 pounds. Yes I’m happy with the 1 pound but I know I can do  better I will do better.

So my goals for this week is to drop 5 pounds, walk 3 times this week and do a full body workout 3 times this week.



Happy New Years 2016



Happy New Years Everyone, I pray that this year will be your year of favor,abundance,laughter,happiness,good health, achievement, and much more, but most importantly a year that you get closer to God.

Week 9





dsc_0002Hello everyone this was a new week, last week, week 8 was exciting because I drop 7 pounds I was so happy.Last post I told you I join a group with my business partners to help each other with our weight loss journey, which I think it help me this week.So with that being said with a new comes new goals.

My goals for this week is to:

lose 5 pounds,walk 4 times and do a full body workout 3 times.

What are your goals for this week, you are not alone in this journey.

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Results from 12/21-12/27


Hello everyone I have some new results from this past week, I was so excited to see I have drop 7 pounds, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went from 285 to 278 I was so happy especially with the set back I had in previous weeks and with  holidays that just past I was for sure that I had gain something, I’m so happy I stuck with my goals it paid off.

Collage 2015-12-28 21_40_11

Week 8





This is week eight of my weight loss journey, I had my ups and downs and I had my dooowwwnnnnn. I just got on the scale and I’m back to 285 yeah I’m not to happy about that. I felt bad and I was mad at myself, then I spoke to myself and said beating yourself up and putting yourself down won’t get the job done so stop it and get  to work, so as my last post said I getting my grove back and I’m getting back to work. My business partner started a fitness group to help each other out, you see we have conference coming up in about 2 months and we are looking to drop some pounds by then. So this group will keep me on my toes. This is why God made Mondays to start fresh,

my week goals:

Drop 5 pounds, get back in my workout routine, walk 4x this week


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10 days til Christmas. Day 10 and 9



I decide that this year we was going to count down Christmas differently than we did in previous years, well in previous  year we didn’t count down  to Christmas lol, but this year I figure we try something new and different and I hope we can keep it going and that it will become a tradition for us. I want to be able to create memory for my children so they can tell and start doing with their children. So we started on the Dec 16th with decorating out tree, which was fun and amusing



Dec 16Snapshot_20151216_4 sorry that the picture is not clear but you get the idea.




And Dec 17th we read a story and had a decision  about Jesus birth, which was very interesting

Week 7/ getting back in the groove




Hello everyone how are you doing. Man these past two weeks I fell off my fitness journey, I don’t know what happen one day I didn’t walk then the next day I didn’t workout then the next day I didn’t walk or workout and next thing I know  2 weeks went by without me doing any type of exercise and not eating healthy, I know I know gasp shame on me. So know I’m getting my groove back I went grocery shopping to restock on some healthy option and instead of driving my son to school we walk, and I’m figuring out the best time from me to get my full body work out in. Through out this past  two week I only gained 3 pounds, which it could of been a lot more. So I’m putting my focus glasses on and getting back on track. My weight at this point is 281 pounds, I still have my goal and deadline in mind. So my goal for this week is to get back in the groove, get 2 full body workout in and walk 3 times. So remember its not how many times you fall it how many times you get up.


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Thanksgiving Hangover/Week 5








1st I want to say belated  Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, now I got that out the way.Whewww what a week I had so much to do with running my business, taking care of the family and preparing for Thanksgiving I just had a lot on my plate, lol. Last week I didn’t meet none of my goals I was so distracted with everything else I just throw last weeks goals out the door oh well. That why God made Mondays to start the week fresh. I was so happy when  got on the scale to weight myself I only gain 1 pound thought out this week of eating good (A.K.A Thanksgiving week). I was surprise  and happy, but it came to me I shouldn’t be that surprise because I had my fat fighters with me the whole time. My fat fighter help me block a lot of the fat and carbs I was in taking this past week.So now this with this being a new week mean new goals. So my goals for this week are:

Work out: walk/run 5 times this week,full body work out this week, and do the work part 1-4 this week along with my other workout

Weight loss: lose 6 pounds


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Workout-Part 4


Hello everyone sorry part 4 of the work is late but here it is

Ms. Nic B is the truth, I have been following her for a while on Instagram, she post great workout  to do at home or outside she shows you that you don’t need a gym to get fit.A while back she posted a week worth of full body work out to her page.So now I going to add these workout to my every day routine for the week.You should check her page out.

p.s I’m not getting paid to do this,or she didn’t ask me to do this, I don’t know her she don’t know me. I just admire her work ethics,work out video, and her dedication. She is good at what she do. I don’t have any claims to this video.

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