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March Madness


Hello everyone it’s March a.k.a March Madness, this is month 2 day 3 of The Healthier Me by the Summer Challenge.I know this phrase is mostly used for basketball,but hey I figure is we can go “Mad” about basketball then we can go “Mad” about getting healthy lol, becoming a better versoin of ourselves.Lets get “Mad” about getting fit,getting healthy,feeling good.Join me in The Healthier Me By The Summer. In Feb I made my goal, I lost 7lbs whoo-whoo.I feel better,happier,more alert,my clothes are a little loose. Come on and join me in this challenge so grab everone you know to join, and if you don’t know anyone that ok that why we are here to push,motivate,encourage each other.My goal for March Madness is to lose 7-10lbs, to run for 2 min straight.What are your goal, what are you trying to accomplish.Let’s get it.
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My Tips of the Day for the Month of Feb


During The ” Healthier Me By the Summer ” Challenge I provide the tip of the day,so I’m going to give a summury for Feb tip of the day and break down each of them.

Tips of The Day:


Excersise For at least 30 min
Excercising has many benefits to it,excersing helps use up oxygen it cause your body to burn stored fat and helps you maintain a normal weight.Execerising increase energy,increase mental focus,decrease risk of heart attack,reduce the risk of breast cancer,and sooooo much more.Get up and move your body for 30 min.

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables may help to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.They are high in fiber, they can help contribute to weight loss,they do not contain artificial sugar,they are packed with minerals and other nutrients and vitamins,they help maintain energy level, and is saids in the prevention of a number of diseases.
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Keep Pushing
During your journey to an healthier, better version of yourself you may come to some stumbling block,walls,and may become stagnant don’ t let that stop you from accomplish your goal.Remember keep pushing.

Drink plenty of water
You have to drink plenty of water through the day, drink at least 8 glass of water a day.Drinking water helps maintain the balance of the body fluids,help control calories,keep you hydraded,helps with getting healthy skin,remove toxing from your body,help improve your metabolism,help prvent cancer, and so much more. So drink the recommended amout of water.

I hope you enjoy what I have so far, and there will be more coming soon as The “Healthier Me By the Summer” Challenge goes on.
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Feb is Down 4 months to go


th Firts I want to thank everyone that has joined me in The “Healthier Me by The Summer” Challenge.Let me tell you every response I received, every update I see is has been motivation and encouragement for me to keep going.When I see and hear people say I lost this much weight,I feel better about my self,I can do this much more sit up,push up,pull-ups,or I can walk/run for an extra 3-5min pushes me to do better,eat better,work out harder. That is what this challenge is about,is to encourage,motivate,push each other to become better/healthier version of ourselves.
I’m made my goal for the month of Feb I wanted to lose 5-7lbs and I did it I lost 7lbs whoo, whoo,I’m happy that I made my goal.I feel a lot better, happier,healthier. I have a little pep to my step lol.And one of the best part for me is that I went from drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day down to 1-2(and 2 being the most)a day.With all the energy that I’m gaining I don’t need that much coffee in my life anymore lol.My husband can see the difference, he was like “babe you losing weight” I was blushing and happy that he notice.So I’m happy how far I cam in the last few weeks.Now we are starting month 2 of the challenge,so please come on board and bring your spouse,family member,friends,co-worker, the more the better.Remember to use #healthiermebythesummer and #getright2014 when giving updates,share transformation pictures,sharing recipes,sharing story of your journey,giving encouragement,motivation, and so on.Let be better than we was last week, let’s do this together.
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The “Healthier Me by the Summer ” Challenge


The “Healthier Me by the Summer” Challeng starts today.Lets get motivated on getting healthy, fit, and better.The challenge is from Feb 6th to June 2nd it is open to everyone. This is for people that you want to get healthy, need motivation, encouuragement,tips,who don’t want to go though the weight lost journey alone.Let everyone know and join in let’s become a better version of ourselves. Use #healthiermebythesummer and/or getright2014 on twitter,facebook,instagram,G+.

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weight-loss-challengeI have alway’s been over weight as long as I can  remember , I always been the big friend in the group, or I have been told you have a pretty face but if you loose a little wait,and  so on.I have been on all kinds of diet, done all types of stuff to try to lose weight. Some work and some didn’t.At one point I was going to the gym almost everyday (wich it made me feel good, and is addictive lol) and I went from size 22 to an 18. I manage to stay at that size for years until 5 years ago.So now  I’m an mother, a wife, I work full time and right now I’m working 6 days a week. I weigh 275 pounds ( yeah so you know I’m tired all the time and out of shape lol). I feel bad for my son beacuse I don’t have a lot of energy to play with him for a long peroid of time .So I set my mind to become an heathier me, reach means a better mom,wife,sister,daughter,friend.My first goal is set for June 1,2014 I want lose 30 pound and to be able to run 2 miles with out stopping.

So with summer about 4 months away I’m doing an Healthier me by Summer Challenge,It will  start on Feb 6,2014. It will be open to everyone  that won’t to be a healthier,loss weight,need motivation,need encouragement, and anyhing of that matter. I will be sharing some of the thing that I’m doing post udate picture and so on.

What are your goals?I do you want to feel by June , how much energy do you have now, how much energy do want at the end of the challenge,how much weght do you want to loss. So join me in this challenge.Post picture, motivation,encouragements,tips,recieps, etc and  use #heathiermebythesummer  or #getright2014  .Spread the word let everyone know. Starting Feb 6,2014 we are working towards an healthier us.

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Healthier Me by The summer 2014