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10 days til Christmas. Day 10 and 9



I decide that this year we was going to count down Christmas differently than we did in previous years, well in previous  year we didn’t count down  to Christmas lol, but this year I figure we try something new and different and I hope we can keep it going and that it will become a tradition for us. I want to be able to create memory for my children so they can tell and start doing with their children. So we started on the Dec 16th with decorating out tree, which was fun and amusing



Dec 16Snapshot_20151216_4 sorry that the picture is not clear but you get the idea.




And Dec 17th we read a story and had a decision  about Jesus birth, which was very interesting


Perfect Touch Sanitizer



This is a great product, it is Healthy Home Sanitizer. You can use on your hand,on the desk,on any surface.The best part about this is it is
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Oxygen Rich Solution w/Osha Root
It won't dry skin

So you can use it around the house on your hands and won't have that strong alcohol smell which is great for kids or people who have sensitive skin or just plan sensitive to certain ingredients.Protect your family from from germs with out exposing them to chemicals.

Purified Water (Auqa)
Stablizied Chlorine Dioxide(Stabilized Oxygen-It is a Cleansing agent that braek down into salt solution)
Decyl Glucoside (1)
Vegetable Glycerin and Ligusticum Porteri (Ocean Root)Extract and Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiss Flower) Extract-Eco Cert

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