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Week 8





This is week eight of my weight loss journey, I had my ups and downs and I had my dooowwwnnnnn. I just got on the scale and I’m back to 285 yeah I’m not to happy about that. I felt bad and I was mad at myself, then I spoke to myself and said beating yourself up and putting yourself down won’t get the job done so stop it and get ┬áto work, so as my last post said I getting my grove back and I’m getting back to work. My business partner started a fitness group to help each other out, you see we have conference coming up in about 2 months and we are looking to drop some pounds by then. So this group will keep me on my toes. This is why God made Mondays to start fresh,

my week goals:

Drop 5 pounds, get back in my workout routine, walk 4x this week


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