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Workout-Part 4


Hello everyone sorry part 4 of the work is late but here it is

Ms. Nic B is the truth, I have been following her for a while on Instagram, she post great workout  to do at home or outside she shows you that you don’t need a gym to get fit.A while back she posted a week worth of full body work out to her page.So now I going to add these workout to my every day routine for the week.You should check her page out.

p.s I’m not getting paid to do this,or she didn’t ask me to do this, I don’t know her she don’t know me. I just admire her work ethics,work out video, and her dedication. She is good at what she do. I don’t have any claims to this video.

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Baby Girl is Here



Well,I finally had my princess 3 weeks ago she is a joy. I didn’t know how I can love another child as much as I love my 1st child but she proved me wrong, I love my children so much I thank God for trusting me with 2 beautiful kids. As everyone know each pregnancy is different especially when your kids are the opposite sex.As I mention before my first pregnancy was great I had a boy, there was no sickness, I had energy, I couldn’t tell I was pregnant till my baby moved.But this 2nd pregnancy I was having a girl, I was sick,nausea, no energy, everything that I didn’t experience in my first pregnancy I experienced in my 2nd one. Having a girl is a joy but it is nerve-wracking and different, now I’m thinking about her 1st date,who is going to comb her hair, how much pink is too much, her first menstrual cycle, and so on, my mind is jumping all over the place my mind is going from now to 5 days from now to 10 years from now to years from now. The one thing I wish someone would have told me about having a girl is when they are born that they may have little bloody discharge in their private area, and that they will develop breast with fluid coming out of it.When I saw these thing happing to her as you can imagine I was scared and confuse, I was like whats going on, I took my daughter to the Er twice because of these things. What I found out that it was caused from having my hermons in her and on top of that I’m breastfeeding, so the Dr assured me that it was normal and it will go away in a few weeks(Ok now I can breathe a little better). So having a girl will bring brand new experiences for me and that is something I’m looking forward to.

38 Weeks-Hitting the Home Stretch



I am now 38 weeks pregnant and getting anxious and excited by the day,I can’t wait to meet the little princess that I have only seen through ultra sound and that been very active in my stomach doing flips kicks and everything else.One thing I don’t look forward to is my stress test I have been going for that test 2 time a week every week since I was 32 weeks, and I’m not high risk( shoulder shrug).From what the ladies in the office said it is something that they do for everybody that go to that particular office for prenatal care, oh well I guess better safe than sorry.My son is also very excited about meeting his little sister he would read to her, talk to her and kiss my stomach.I even ask him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said a big brother( I put on my awww face with a smile.). What I’m doing for him is getting a #1 Big Brother t-shirt and I will give a little present to open up in the hospital.I have been having cramping feeling in my stomach and back area they are not very strong it is manageable,I get it at least once a day.So I think she will be here in less than a week to make her appearance to the world.So my little princess will be here soon I CAN’T WAIT.

This is my son #1 Big Brother t-shirt he can’t wait to put it on

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Perfect Touch Sanitizer



This is a great product, it is Healthy Home Sanitizer. You can use on your hand,on the desk,on any surface.The best part about this is it is
100% Toxic-Free
Oxygen Rich Solution w/Osha Root
It won't dry skin

So you can use it around the house on your hands and won't have that strong alcohol smell which is great for kids or people who have sensitive skin or just plan sensitive to certain ingredients.Protect your family from from germs with out exposing them to chemicals.

Purified Water (Auqa)
Stablizied Chlorine Dioxide(Stabilized Oxygen-It is a Cleansing agent that braek down into salt solution)
Decyl Glucoside (1)
Vegetable Glycerin and Ligusticum Porteri (Ocean Root)Extract and Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiss Flower) Extract-Eco Cert

For more information visit:www.mommysclub.com/518274

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36 Weeks Pregnant



I am now 36 weeks pregnant, so I have 4 weeks to go whoo before I have my bundle of joy. For the past couple of week I found myself being emotional, I’m getting irritated really quick, my patience is real short, and crying for what I don’t know lol. My husband told me I can’t wait till you have the baby because you was a lot nicer( I had to give him the side eye, like I know you didn’t say that to me)but anyway my emotion are all over the place. I have tried to keep my feeling in check but its a little hard for me, so that one thing I’m working on this week.I have notice in past month my stomach is a little more sensitive than before,I can talk about something like spoiled milk or something a little nasty and I will gag or I can see something that can be spoiled or smell something bad I will gag I even gag at the smell of smoke, where before I can stomach all of those thing with no problem I was like whats wrong with me, I just chalked it up to being pregnant.So I hope that goes away soon after I give birth.My supervisor keep asking me when am I going on maternity leave and I keep telling her when I go in to labor because I don’t want take away from my 6 week maternity leave I rather have my full 6 weeks with my baby then take a week off before and have only 5 weeks with her.So that really has me think about returning to work 6 weeks after having my baby,I don’t know if I want to leave my baby after that short period of time I know a lot of mother have to do but I don’t want to be one of them, I don’t think that enough time to bound with the little one.So I’ve been looking at working from home or having my own home business. The home business part I have already started but that takes time to build a successful business that generate the type of money that is needed.So I am really considering working from home till my home business pick,I started some research and preparing to by the equipment that I need to get started.We will see how everything will work out.

Question? How soon after you had your baby did you go back to work. And how did you feel about it?

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30 weeks Pregnant



I’m now 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, I knew that the outcome of this pregnancy would be different. During my first trimester I had nauseous,moody,emotional,I just was not feeling good thank God I wasn’t vomiting.My first pregnancy there was nothing wrong with me I had no sickness at all which was wonderful, I couldn’t tell I was pregnant unless he moved.This pregnancy was the complete opposite lol,so I knew I was having a girl. I’m kind of happy that I had a different experienced this go around to see how it feels to go through those symptoms,but my next pregnancy I hope its like the 1st.But over all it been a good pregnancy, knowing I’m going to bring a beautiful little girl home in 10 weeks makes everything worth wild.