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Thanksgiving Hangover/Week 5








1st I want to say belated  Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, now I got that out the way.Whewww what a week I had so much to do with running my business, taking care of the family and preparing for Thanksgiving I just had a lot on my plate, lol. Last week I didn’t meet none of my goals I was so distracted with everything else I just throw last weeks goals out the door oh well. That why God made Mondays to start the week fresh. I was so happy when  got on the scale to weight myself I only gain 1 pound thought out this week of eating good (A.K.A Thanksgiving week). I was surprise  and happy, but it came to me I shouldn’t be that surprise because I had my fat fighters with me the whole time. My fat fighter help me block a lot of the fat and carbs I was in taking this past week.So now this with this being a new week mean new goals. So my goals for this week are:

Work out: walk/run 5 times this week,full body work out this week, and do the work part 1-4 this week along with my other workout

Weight loss: lose 6 pounds


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